About Our Missions Partners






Elam Ministries began in 1979 the year of the Iranian revolution. Its vision is that all the people of the Iran region would have the opportunity to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him as a disciple, and that Iranians would be instrumental in taking the Gospel to other Muslims. To achieve this vision, Elam trains leaders for fruitful, effective ministry in the Iran region, equips the Iranian church with Bibles and resources for evangelism and discipleship and sends the Gospel into the Iran region through trained evangelists, church planters and Christian media. Elam believes such is the openness of the Iranian people that wherever there is a witness to the Gospel, individuals, families and even communities are coming to Christ. The ministry uses satellite TV and Internet technology in an impactful way to reach the unreached within Iran, alongside disciples and new converts. It has high-quality media programs designed individually for reaching men, women and children.

ImagineNations partners with Elam Ministries by providing in-depth Bible teaching, leadership training and encouragement to Iranian Christian leaders who have traveled to safe locations outside the country, before returning to the country. ImagineNations supports its own missionary placed within the ministry. Additionally, ImagineNations has provided more than 20,000 New Testaments to the ministry for use in street evangelism.