About Our Missions Partners






Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship exists to serve the unreached people groups of the Himalayas through community development, disaster relief, leadership training, and education. Its prayer is to be a beacon of light in Northern India. The ministry has spawned a network of hundreds of village churches, whose pastors come through a training program at KEF’s headquarters near Amritsar. These villages are remote and isolated much of the winter, being located at high elevation on treacherous roads. They stretch along the Himalaya Belt of India from the western border with Pakistan to the eastern border with Tibet and Nepal. Through a partnership with the Indian Armed Forces, KEF provides disaster relief in the form of blankets and care packages. It has a dynamic model of community development, women’s empowerment, children’s ministry, educational support and occupational training.

ImagineNations partners with KEF by providing annual leadership conferences to unite and encourage hundreds of pastors and their spouses. Humanitarian aid includes supporting occupational training centers focusing on sewing and computer labs, along with supporting the needs of leper colonies and supplying motorcycles to be used as transportation by the village pastors.