About Our Missions Partners





Markaz al Bishara exists to work with the poor and marginalized to promote human transformation, train and equip members of the Church in Africa holistically for missions and to create the enabling environment for interdependency.

The ministry of Markaz al Bishara is an example of Business as Missions. The Asares live and work in northern Ghana, on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, where the population is 98% cultural Muslim. Their focus is to use business opportunities to form long-term relationships with associates who might be employees, customers, or vendors. In doing so, they believe they can gradually build a bridge that will make it possible for those people to come to Christ. Markaz al Bishara includes a wide variety of businesses, from a hotel and conference center, to a Bible college, to a radio station reaching more than 2 million people, to a warehousing facility and shea nut and cassava farming interests. The ministry offers support to rural housing options, orphanages, schools, subsistence farmers and a variety of other people living on the edge.

ImagineNations partners with Markaz al Bishara with leadership conferences and through facilitating an annual five day live-in Kids Camp that introduces Christ in a dynamic way to 400-500 children from both Muslim and Christian backgrounds.