About Our Missions Partners




Raven’s Hope International is a Christ-centered resource center that offers spiritual growth, leadership development, and mission opportunities to young women 18-30 from around the world. RHI believes understanding is primarily shaped by environment. People are a product of what they see, hear, and feel. By temporarily relocating the girls from their country, we can give them an opportunity to grow beyond their environment. RHI believes that though food, clothing, and shelter are necessities, they are perishable. However, wisdom and understanding are everlasting.

ImagineNations partners with RHI by hosting young women from Cambodia and beyond for two to four months at a time when they travel to Texas, and providing leadership training, Biblical studies, mission opportunities, and life skill classes such as hospitality and cooking American style food. Through their foreign travel, improved English skills and leadership training, upon returning to Cambodia, the young women can earn as much as five times their former salaries, lifting themselves and their families from poverty. Their leadership experience extends to strengthen the reach of their churches.